How Do I Use My Charge Stream Vent Mount?

Charging will automatically begin after you insert your Qi-enabled device in the vent mount with the center of the device aligned against the center of the mount.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT DIRECT HEATED AIR FROM THE VENT ONTO THE VENT MOUNT WHILE IT IS ATTACHED TO THE VENT—this can damage the vent mount and an inserted device. When running the vehicle’s heater, completely close the vent the vent mount is attached to, or direct the heated air out of the vehicle’s lower vents and entirely away from the upper vents.

Changing to landscape orientation

1. Remove the vent mount from the vent.

2. Rotate the vent clip 90 degrees. Do not rotate the vent mount while it is installed on the vent—you may damage the vent louvre.

3. Reinstall the vent mount on the vent in landscape orientation.

Vent mount charging status indicator

The vent mount has an LED that indicates its charging status:

• LED illuminated continuously: The wireless device is properly charging.

• LED flashing: A metallic foreign object (keys, etc.) has been detected against the charging pad. Remove the foreign object.

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