How do I recharge my powerstation AC battery?

To charge your powerstation AC battery, use the supplied cable (or a USB-C to USB-C cable) to connect its USB-C port to a USB-C or USB-A wall charger or car charger with an output of up to 3A.

  • The powerstation AC battery can recharge at fast speeds (up to 30W) with a compatible charger.


Priority+ pass-through charging

When you’re recharging your powerstation AC battery, Priority+ pass-through charging provides power to a device connected to its USB-A output port first, before the powerstation AC battery starts to recharge.


Recharging while connected to a laptop

You can recharge the powerstation AC battery while it’s connected to a USB-C laptop that is also connected to its wall charger. After connecting the powerstation AC battery and laptop as shown in the illustration below, press-and-hold the powerstation AC battery’s status button for 3 seconds to begin charging the powerstation AC battery.

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