How do I assembly my mophie charge force desk mount?

1. Unscrew the collar from the back of the desk mount and place it on the ball end of the arm.

2. Insert the ball end of the arm into the fitting on the back of the desk mount and tighten the collar around the fitting to secure the arm.

3. Insert the tabs at the bottom of the arm into the openings on the base so that the arm snaps into place. NOTE: This connection is permanent. Once you assemble the base you cannot disassemble it. 

4. Pass the included cable’s micro-USB jack through the rear of the opening on the desk mount base and connect it to the port on the bottom of the desk mount charging pad. Connect the cable’s larger USB jack to a wall-charging adapter with at least a 1.8-amp output.

IMPORTANT: Do not connect the desk mount to a computer’s USB port.

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