How do I pair my powerstation 5x/8x with Bluetooth®?

The powerstation 5X and powerstation 8X batteries feature Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE), and can be paired with a mobile device that has the free mophie Power app installed. The mophie Power app lets you manage the battery life of your powerstation battery and the paired device.

To pair the powerstation battery with your mobile device:

1. Install the free mophie Power app on your mobile device. It is available at the App Store (iOS® devices) and at Google Play® (Android® devices).

2. Make sure your device’s Bluetooth® is turned on.

3. Press-and-hold the powerstation battery’s status button for four (4) seconds. The status LEDs will flash in sequence from left-to-right and right-to-left, indicating that the powerstation battery is in the pairing mode.

4. Launch the mophie Power app on your device. The home screen will appear:

5. Tap the Add Device icon. A list of nearby Bluetooth® devices will appear. Select “powerstation 5X” or “powerstation 8X” from the list and tap “Pair” on the pop-up screen.

6. The Registration page will appear. You can either register your powerstation battery at this time or tap “Skip” to register it later.

7. The Confirmation screen will appear—tap “Done.” The powerstation battery is now paired with the device and its charging statistics appear on the Power app home screen along 13 with those of the device (see Using the mophie Power app, below).

Using the mophie Power app

Device Charging Statistics: Shows the device battery’s charge level, its status (charging/not charging) and if charging, the time until it is fully charged.

Tips & Suggestions: Tap on the icon to see tips and suggestions that help improve battery life and get the most out of your phone. The app automatically downloads new tips and suggestions when they become available.

Settings: Accesses the app settings menu.

Alert Settings: Lets you create customized device battery percentage notifications or to be notified when your device has finished charging.

powerstation battery Information: Swipe up or tap on the screen to reveal all of the powerstation battery Charging Statistics and settings.

powerstation battery Charging Statistics: The charging statistics the App displays depend on whether the powerstation battery is not charging (Connected), is charging the device (Charging Out), is being recharged (Charging In) or is charging the device at the same time it is being recharged (Priority+):

powerstation battery Settings:

  • Alert Settings: Lets you create customized powerstation battery percentage notifications or to be notified when the powerstation battery is low or has finished charging.
  • Device Name: Lets you create a unique name for your powerstation battery.
  • Firmware Update: Lets you update the powerstation battery to the latest firmware version. • Help: Displays this user manual on your device.
  • Bluetooth: Lets you place the powerstation battery in AirPlane Mode, turning off Bluetooth®. The powerstation’s battery percentage at the time it was un-paired from the device as well as the time the powerstation battery was un-paired are displayed.
  • Remove Device: Cancels the Bluetooth® pairing between the powerstation battery and your device and removes powerstation information from the app screen.
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