How do I charge my device using my powerstation plus battery?

IMPORTANT: Before using your powerstation plus battery for the first time, fully charge it (so that pressing the charge status button lights all 4 status LEDs).

Your powerstation plus external battery features a built-in switch-tip charging cable, so you always have the right cable with you!

1. Pull out the charging cable from the side of the powerstation plus battery as shown below.

  • To charge an Apple® device, use the switch-tip cable’s Lightning connector.
  • To charge a micro-USB device, remove the switch-tip cable’s Lightning connector to reveal the micro-USB connector.

2. Connect the charging cable to your device’s charging port.

3. Press the status button to begin charging.


powerstation plus and powerstation plus XL batteries

powerstation plus and powerstation plus XL universal battery models have an additional USB port that lets you charge a second device. (You can charge two devices at the same time.) Connect the USB cable included with your device to the powerstation plus/powerstation plus XL battery’s USB port and to your device. Press the status button to begin charging.

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