What about wireless charging?

For our charge force / wireless charging cases, simply place the juice pack case (with charge force wireless power) on any mophie charge force wireless accessory or any Qi-compatible charger. The mophie juice pack cases with charge force technology are compatible with other wireless charging technologies, such as those used at coffee houses, restaurants, in furniture with wireless charging, and in consumer vehicles that support wireless charging. 

Wireless charging will automatically begin when the case is aligned on the charger (this is important especially for vehicle-integrated wireless chargers; if you're having wireless charging issues in your vehicle, make sure the juice pack is aligned properly on the charging pad). If your phone is inside of the case it has priority and will charge first, then the juice pack case will charge. If you're having intermittent charging while using a charge force wireless pad, make sure you're using a wall adapter with an output of at least 1.8a.

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